A Step to Build Affordable Habitat in Morris County

To provide affordable housing to deserving families in Morris County, Morris Habitat for Humanity will build six townhomes in collaboration with New Jersey Natural Gas, Morris County Affordable Housing Corporation, the Township of Denville’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Morris County Community Development HOME Grant. This program aimed at developing a positive community impact. For the limited income families this townhomes gonna be a great support and will meet their unique need.

Some of participating organizations have already worked on affordable housing projects with huge successful. In Morris County this collaborative effort will be a great opportunity for lower income families. A house is not just only a roof over one’s head but a matter of pride and dignity also. Morris Habitat for Humanity will provide a dignifying house through this affordable housing project.

This affordable housing project in Morris County will not serve the deserving family but it will also represent the working together of community organizations and will enhance the strength of Morris County neighborhood. Every townhouse unit will feature three bedroom, two full baths and one car garage including efficient cooler, heater and energy efficient lightning.

For the first time in this project Moore, Acevedo, Garcia, Jones, Anderson and Klein family will be the proud owner of these six townhomes. These families had to participate in financial management, home maintenance workshops and committing 300 hours to build the homes and after all of that they achieved homeownership from Morris Habitat for Humanity.

After completion of this project dream of six deserving families will come true. Together Morris Habitat for Humanity and Morris County Affordable Housing will bring the dream in reality. Other participating organizations will fulfill their part of works and will make a step forward in sake of humanity.