Birds Aviary Park will be developed at last!

It was 2007, when it all started. Capital Development Authority started back-end work on developing a Bird Aviary Park in the capital. Authority proposed the bill and after five long years they are now in position to finally build the park.

Former Capital Development Authority chief Kamran Lashari took the initiative of building this park in the capital. Due to poor financial condition CDA couldn’t afford to work on the project. But now they’re stable enough to resume the work. Birds Aviary is being developed over 3.8 acres of land in Lake View Park. When the project was initiated a portion of work was done. If the project couldn’t be completed soon already done work will go in vein.

The whole area is now been covered with nets and waiting for birds to reside in. Authority intends to arrange natural habitats for more the 100 species of birds. Most of them will be brought from local markets. Some of the species will be imported from several countries. Public will experience an open place with hundreds of birds surfing here.

CDA took the responsibility of maintaining the Aviary including services, maintenance works and purchasing of birds. Among other species pheasants, parrots, partridges, doves, pigeons, water fowls and different ornamental birds will be released in the park.

Authority has already agreed with a contractor firm which will remain responsible for health care of the birds. The firm will provide proper preventive, curative measures, security and safety of both visitors and birds. Contractor firm will also work on arrangements like ticket booth, staffers, guides, guards, gardeners and sweepers. To ensure security close circuit cameras will be installed in the park. Visitors have to go through thorough checking before entering the park.