Electricity Conservation Methods are featured in Energy Fair at Marine Corps Base Camp ‘Lejeune’

Recently, conservation of energy has become one of the top priority issues. Constantly steps are being taken to reduce the energy consumption in every way possible. Energy conservation can serve in many ways includes the cost effective possibility of reducing electric bills. If the proper step can be taken to conserve more electricity it will increase the availability of electricity for more people and also will make it cheaper. In order to teach people the proper way of saving energy both in commercially and residentially Marine Corps Base Camp ‘Lejeune’ has arranged its second annual Energy Fair. In this fair around 19 possible and effective ways are shown to reduce the energy consumption.

Each and everyone should be aware and taught about conservation of energy. The Energy Fair is a way to increase the awareness among base. The program showed different technologies about conservation of energy. Though many steps has already been taken but still people can only think about turning off the lights but there are so many other things that can be done to conserve. The base has already done various researches and there’re many ongoing projects around there. Marine Base let the outsider know about their work and ongoing projects through this fair.

Many vendors participated in the fair and showed their innovative steps in conservation. Lutorn Electronics presented their specialty in home electronic improvements. They presented their LED lights with built in speakers which will help to reduce electricity use in lighting. Also, their work on wireless electronics for day-to-day household objects was presented in the fair. Wireless electronic objects don’t need to be plugged in 24/7 will reduce electricity use and also provide much more output in less conservation.

This Energy Fair included not only currently available features but options that will be available in the near future. Just a few days back most of the energy conservation options weren’t affordable for the families and companies but the scenario has changed.


Energy Conservation Techniques for COPD Patients

If you are a COPD patient, you already know how hard to face breathlessness the most frightening aspects of this disease. But there are always some techniques which will do great in energy conservation and still completing daily activities. Here we will discuss on some techniques for COPD patient to conserve energy and stay away from getting winded. Also, these techniques must be followed with proper exercise, body movement and doctor’s advice.

You can fight fatigue and feel less short of breath by diaphragmatic breathing or pursed lip breathing. When you are doing anything use pursed lip breathing in the most difficult part of the activity. Take some rest and then start again if you feel short of breath.

Most of the times try to do the most necessary activities. Avoiding unnecessary activities will conserve more energy. After bath or shower wearing terry cloth robe will save your effort to drying off. Let the dishes dry by air and sit when you do your hair or make up instead of standing.

You have most strength in the beginning of the day. So do your most difficult activities in the starting. Alternating between difficult and easy tasks can be helpful. When you feel tired take rest and don’t feel shy to take more rest than other days if you need.

Place the frequent used materials in shoulder and waist level. Organize your closet, drawers or shelves in a way so that you don’t have to bend or stretch a lot to get them. Another way to conserve your energy is to keep most of the items in easily reachable area so you can avoid extra movements.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need. Most of the people doesn’t have any idea how much difficult any strenuous activity can be for COPD patients but maximum of them will gladly help. Focus on your energy conservation, follow the medication and avoid hassles.


Habitat for Humanity: Makes your Dream Come True

Over two decades Habitat for Humanity Lansing is giving outstanding opportunity to move forward. It’s not only about reconstructing homes or establishing housing; it’s helping people to build lives. The main goal is to provide better and sustainable future. People who usually lives in rent and never got the scope to position themselves ahead, Habitat for Humanity gives them the much desired scope. Habitat for Humanity isn’t a charity organization but they provide interest free mortgage for building resident and help people to move forward.

Habitat for Humanity organizes various programs for people’s betterment. To participate one must prove his income is sustainable and viable. Don’t get the wrong idea about it, it isn’t about poor people. It’s about homeownership, participants have to provide 300-500 volunteer hours in any ongoing project. They develop safe and solid home as well as teach how to maintain and take care of that home.

So far in Lansing, Okemos, Holt, East Lansing and Haslett Habitat for Humanity has developed more than 100 homes and brought positive impact to over 400 homeowners. Right now they are working in seven projects, two of them in East Lansing, in REO town a complete redo and on South Aurelius Road a 4-home sustainable green-build community. For a busy mother, student or worker like ‘Shamika Jones’ attending in Michigan State University the lifelong dream of homeownership is about to come true with Habitat for Humanity.

Currently more than 77 Habitat for Humanity affiliates operate in Michigan. From 2008, funding has become tough to get for them. There are no banks which are involved in their rebuilding process. They don’t get financial support for lending from any banks. For financial support they develop sponsorships and partnerships through providing great opportunities for area businesses and individuals.


A Step to Build Affordable Habitat in Morris County

To provide affordable housing to deserving families in Morris County, Morris Habitat for Humanity will build six townhomes in collaboration with New Jersey Natural Gas, Morris County Affordable Housing Corporation, the Township of Denville’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and Morris County Community Development HOME Grant. This program aimed at developing a positive community impact. For the limited income families this townhomes gonna be a great support and will meet their unique need.

Some of participating organizations have already worked on affordable housing projects with huge successful. In Morris County this collaborative effort will be a great opportunity for lower income families. A house is not just only a roof over one’s head but a matter of pride and dignity also. Morris Habitat for Humanity will provide a dignifying house through this affordable housing project.

This affordable housing project in Morris County will not serve the deserving family but it will also represent the working together of community organizations and will enhance the strength of Morris County neighborhood. Every townhouse unit will feature three bedroom, two full baths and one car garage including efficient cooler, heater and energy efficient lightning.

For the first time in this project Moore, Acevedo, Garcia, Jones, Anderson and Klein family will be the proud owner of these six townhomes. These families had to participate in financial management, home maintenance workshops and committing 300 hours to build the homes and after all of that they achieved homeownership from Morris Habitat for Humanity.

After completion of this project dream of six deserving families will come true. Together Morris Habitat for Humanity and Morris County Affordable Housing will bring the dream in reality. Other participating organizations will fulfill their part of works and will make a step forward in sake of humanity.


Effective Tips in Household Energy Conservation

Energy conservation has become the hot topic in recent years. For our own good we should take good care about energy conservation. Not only will we be beneficiary economically, proper use of energy will reduce the pressure on environment also. It’s time to move forward with proper use of environmental resources. The simple steps to save energy and money in households.

Unplug your chargers, seldom used appliances, televisions, home theatre equipments, extra refrigerators when they are not in use. Though they can be switched off, but they still consume energy and together they use energy equivalent to a 100 watt light bulb running continuously.

Turn off the lighting when not in use. Anyone can easily take advantage of daylight by using light colored, loose wave curtains on windows. Wall can be decorated with light colors to reflect daylight. Instead of lighting the whole room, properly use it where needed. Use energy saving appliances, they are usually four times energy effective than traditional.

For energy it’s best to put your computer on sleep mode during inactivity. Every operating system features sleep mode, activate it from your power management system. For 30 minutes or more inactive period set your computer to ‘Hibernate’. The programs will be automatically shut down but you don’t have to start it from the beginning, it will automatically reload everything.

Use smart and wise thinking to control the temperature. In heating seasons, open the shades and blinds on sunny day and at night close them to reduce heat lost. Set your temperature lower which will help to save energy effectively. Close the blinds and shades when air-conditioner is in use so you don’t have to keep it alive whole day.

Most of all use your appliances effectively and wisely. A little concern from every household can be a great contribution in energy conservation and save tons of energy we simply waste for our incognizance.