Electricity Conservation Methods are featured in Energy Fair at Marine Corps Base Camp ‘Lejeune’

Recently, conservation of energy has become one of the top priority issues. Constantly steps are being taken to reduce the energy consumption in every way possible. Energy conservation can serve in many ways includes the cost effective possibility of reducing electric bills. If the proper step can be taken to conserve more electricity it will increase the availability of electricity for more people and also will make it cheaper. In order to teach people the proper way of saving energy both in commercially and residentially Marine Corps Base Camp ‘Lejeune’ has arranged its second annual Energy Fair. In this fair around 19 possible and effective ways are shown to reduce the energy consumption.

Each and everyone should be aware and taught about conservation of energy. The Energy Fair is a way to increase the awareness among base. The program showed different technologies about conservation of energy. Though many steps has already been taken but still people can only think about turning off the lights but there are so many other things that can be done to conserve. The base has already done various researches and there’re many ongoing projects around there. Marine Base let the outsider know about their work and ongoing projects through this fair.

Many vendors participated in the fair and showed their innovative steps in conservation. Lutorn Electronics presented their specialty in home electronic improvements. They presented their LED lights with built in speakers which will help to reduce electricity use in lighting. Also, their work on wireless electronics for day-to-day household objects was presented in the fair. Wireless electronic objects don’t need to be plugged in 24/7 will reduce electricity use and also provide much more output in less conservation.

This Energy Fair included not only currently available features but options that will be available in the near future. Just a few days back most of the energy conservation options weren’t affordable for the families and companies but the scenario has changed.