Energy Conservation Award goes to Stemilt Growers

Stemilt Growers, one of the Washington’s leaders in packed fruit delivery is awarded with the honor of Leadership in Energy Performance. Chris Gregoire, Washington’s state Governer recognized the company with this honorable award during an awards ceremony at the last Wednesday night. The ceremony took place at the state Capitol. Stemilt reduced its energy use over the past years with the help of Chelan County Public Utility District. Their initiative has been greatly accomplished by the state Government and as consequence they got the energy conservation award.

It all started two years ago when the directing board of Stemilt took their first step to reduce energy consumption. Over the years, they successfully reduced more than 30% of their previous energy consumption at their largest fruit packing facility at Old Station. In this facility the most of the energy is used by industrial refrigeration and controlled atmosphere equipment to keep the fruit fresh until its being processed and shipped. The company took their energy conservation package and made the consumption efficiency improvements by reducing the speed of their industrial refrigeration fans. They installed the CO2 scrubbers to control the atmosphere in the storage rooms.

Their energy efficiency starts with the controls on refrigeration fans which can reduce the speed of the fans by 50%. When they controlled the refrigeration fans, they could easily adjust the fan speeds in every storage room. As a result their facility uses less energy than ever.

CO2 scrubber’s installation assists to control the amount of CO2 inside the storage rooms. They can lower the amount of CO2 inside the room which means the less reliance on nitrogen. As a result their energy consumption gets significantly reduced.

With all of it, Stemilt saves more than 8,770,190 kWh of energy per year. With this award of state Government more company will be influenced to install energy reducing system and it’ll be great beneficial for energy conservation.