Energy Conservation Techniques for COPD Patients

If you are a COPD patient, you already know how hard to face breathlessness the most frightening aspects of this disease. But there are always some techniques which will do great in energy conservation and still completing daily activities. Here we will discuss on some techniques for COPD patient to conserve energy and stay away from getting winded. Also, these techniques must be followed with proper exercise, body movement and doctor’s advice.

You can fight fatigue and feel less short of breath by diaphragmatic breathing or pursed lip breathing. When you are doing anything use pursed lip breathing in the most difficult part of the activity. Take some rest and then start again if you feel short of breath.

Most of the times try to do the most necessary activities. Avoiding unnecessary activities will conserve more energy. After bath or shower wearing terry cloth robe will save your effort to drying off. Let the dishes dry by air and sit when you do your hair or make up instead of standing.

You have most strength in the beginning of the day. So do your most difficult activities in the starting. Alternating between difficult and easy tasks can be helpful. When you feel tired take rest and don’t feel shy to take more rest than other days if you need.

Place the frequent used materials in shoulder and waist level. Organize your closet, drawers or shelves in a way so that you don’t have to bend or stretch a lot to get them. Another way to conserve your energy is to keep most of the items in easily reachable area so you can avoid extra movements.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need. Most of the people doesn’t have any idea how much difficult any strenuous activity can be for COPD patients but maximum of them will gladly help. Focus on your energy conservation, follow the medication and avoid hassles.