Habitat for Humanity: Makes your Dream Come True

Over two decades Habitat for Humanity Lansing is giving outstanding opportunity to move forward. It’s not only about reconstructing homes or establishing housing; it’s helping people to build lives. The main goal is to provide better and sustainable future. People who usually lives in rent and never got the scope to position themselves ahead, Habitat for Humanity gives them the much desired scope. Habitat for Humanity isn’t a charity organization but they provide interest free mortgage for building resident and help people to move forward.

Habitat for Humanity organizes various programs for people’s betterment. To participate one must prove his income is sustainable and viable. Don’t get the wrong idea about it, it isn’t about poor people. It’s about homeownership, participants have to provide 300-500 volunteer hours in any ongoing project. They develop safe and solid home as well as teach how to maintain and take care of that home.

So far in Lansing, Okemos, Holt, East Lansing and Haslett Habitat for Humanity has developed more than 100 homes and brought positive impact to over 400 homeowners. Right now they are working in seven projects, two of them in East Lansing, in REO town a complete redo and on South Aurelius Road a 4-home sustainable green-build community. For a busy mother, student or worker like ‘Shamika Jones’ attending in Michigan State University the lifelong dream of homeownership is about to come true with Habitat for Humanity.

Currently more than 77 Habitat for Humanity affiliates operate in Michigan. From 2008, funding has become tough to get for them. There are no banks which are involved in their rebuilding process. They don’t get financial support for lending from any banks. For financial support they develop sponsorships and partnerships through providing great opportunities for area businesses and individuals.